About Our Organization


Georgians for End of Life Options (GAELO) is a newly formed, state-wide not for profit organization. We were established in May of 2021 and are currently operating as a Georgia non-profit organization. All members serve on a volunteer basis.


In 2021 and 2022, we received some financial support from Death with Dignity National Center which we used to establish our organization and build out our web presence and social media platforms, and to reimburse other formation expenses. That has been our only source of financial support so far. However, in March of 2023 we submitted our application to the IRS for tax-exempt status and plan to begin to accept donations once our application is approved.

Internal Structure and Organization:

GAELO is comprised of a board of directors, an executive director, a steering committee, and an advisory council. All members, advisors, and our executive director serve on a volunteer basis.

Board of Directors
GAELO’s board of directors is comprised of a board chair, vice-chair, and treasurer/secretary. The key role of the Board of Directors is to oversee fulfillment of the organization’s mission and vision. The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Steering Committee and makes governing decisions for GAELO which align with its vision and mission. They are responsible for ensuring that all activities are in line with our mission and principals, and are designed to achieve our goals.

Executive Director
The Executive Director is responsible for management and direction of both the Advisory Council and the Steering Committee, and generally for all aspects of the governance of the organization. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors, manages the Steering Committee, and may call on our Advisory Council as needed.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee operates under the guidance of our Advisory Council and under management of the Executive Director. Committee members are required to meet monthly, and are responsible for the development and implementation of a plan of action under the board’s direction.  principals.

Steering Committee members’ work is to recruit additional board members and establish and staff task forces to carry out specific tasks required by the board.  As we begin to grow our organization, the Committee’s priority will be twofold: (1) to identify and seat additional board members and hire a permanent executive director; and (2) to identify bi-partisan support for a bill to establish an End of Life Options Study Committee in the Georgia General Assembly.

Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is not a governance board and is not required to attend regular meetings or assume responsibilities related to the day-to-day work of the organization. Advisory Board members are external advisors who act as a sounding board for the Steering Committee, and to provide guidance for the Board of Directors. Committee and Board Members may access Advisory Board members for a number of reasons, such as strategic thinking, expertise, or connections that may not be available by other means.

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to help GAELO’s decision-making body gain insights and advice to solve problems and explore new opportunities by stimulating critical thinking through robust, high-quality conversations. The role of the Advisory Council is not to make decisions, but to provide expertise, current knowledge, critical thinking and analysis to assist with the decision-making.

The Advisory Council’s membership is comprised of both formal and informal advisors. Formal Advisors are required to attend quarterly meetings with the Steering Committee and offer their advice and guidance on proposed plans and strategies. Informal advisors are not required to attend any meetings, and serve only for the purpose of assisting the Steering committee with specific guidance according to their expertise.