Completed Life Podcast Our podcast, Voices of the Completed Life, returns this October with a new season. Each episode will take us across borders – international, cultural, emotional, and spiritual – within families and relationships. These stories focus on different aspects of medical aid-in-dying, and how each experience challenged the individuals and families involved.

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Doula Mark your calendars for the Doulapalooza happening from October 13-15, a virtual event curated to bring together a rich diversity of talents, ideas, and exceptional works of end-of-life organizations

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2023 SGS Ageism Webinar The Southern Gerontological Society (SGS) Encore Committee, in partnership with the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Department of Gerontology, will host a webinar on October 9, 2023 from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET as part of our efforts to recognize Ageism Awareness Day. 
2023 Ageism Webinar

2023 Faith Sommerfield Lecture October Faith Sommerfield Memorial Lecture: “Living Well and Dying Well” recognize Ageism Awareness Day. 

SGS The Southern Gerontological Society’s 45th Annual Meeting and Conference
SGS Conference

Jack Has A Plan

October 31st to Nov 6th online OnDemand Screening of the movie Jack Has A Plan


Death Cafe

Death Cafe at Decatur Healing Center at 5 pm on Sept 3rd

Noble Living

Noble Living, Noble Care, Noble Dying – A Unique Program For Caregivers – August 12th


2023 Virtual ALS Educational Symposium – August 12th

GCS 68

Georgia Gerontology Society 2023 Annual Conference