Georgians for End of Life Options (GAELO) is a state-wide organization working to expand end of life options for all Georgians. We believe that every individual has basic fundamental freedom and a civil right to determine their medical treatment and exercise choice and control at the end of life. We also believe that reverence for life includes respect for personal autonomy and dignity, and for the individual choices one makes concerning their medical treatment and end of life decision making.

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Georgians for End of Life Options seeks to support and improve end of life and advance care planning in Georgia by advocating for laws and policies which improve and expand options for end of life decision making. Our goal is to ensure that every Georgian can define for themselves what quality of life they may have at the end of their lives, then receive the care that provides that quality and reflects their individual values and wishes.

Our Principles

We believe that the ability to exercise autonomy and self-determination in matters related to end of life and death is a human right. The decision to exercise that right is an intensely personal choice made with respect for the sacredness of life, and with compassion for all.


We aim to: (1) offer state-wide support for Georgians who are facing end of life, or who wish to plan ahead; (2) support legislation that would improve end of life care and expand options for end of life decision making; (3) and forge partnerships with other initiatives and collaborations in Georgia that are working to improve and expand healthcare options for Georgians.

Our Goals

Our goals are to promote self-determination, personal autonomy, and dignity at end of life; to improve pain management and palliative care; and generally to enhance advanced care planning in Georgia. We aim to:


We organized in May, 2021, under Death With Dignity’s 501(c)(3) umbrella and received a Dignity50 opportunity grant to establish our organization and build out our web presence and social media platforms. In 2022, we formed independently as a Georgia non-profit organization with pending 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Click here to learn more.

Internal Structure & Organization:

All members of GAELO serve on a volunteer basis. We are currently comprised of a board of directors, an executive director, Task Forces, and an advisory council. Click here to go to our Organizers and Advisors page to learn more about GAELO’s structure and organization.

Legislative Advocacy:

As the movement to allow medical aid in dying (MAiD) expands in the United States, and as the number of states who have passed MAiD legislation grows, national legislation which codifies the right to MAiD as a constitutional right is on the horizon. We believe that now is the time for Georgia to examine this issue and determine what choices Georgians want for themselves for the end of their lives. Click here to go to our Advocacy page to learn more about advocating for this issue in Georgia