What is Georgians for End of Life Options?

Georgians for End of Life Options (GAELO) is a newly formed, not for profit state-wide organization created to advocate for laws and policies which improve and expand options for end of life decision making and care, and to help Georgians plan for a good quality of life and a peaceful death. 

End of life planning, or Advance Care Planning, is a process that begins with an honest conversation about death and dying. It is not a one time event but rather an ongoing conversation with our loved ones and family, biological or chosen about what we want at the end of our lives. GAELO wants to be a resource for Georgians to help them begin to have these conversations, and to provide support during the process of Advance Care Planning.

We believe that every individual has a right to determine their medical treatment, and that having some degree of choice and control as one nears end of life is a basic fundamental freedom and a civil right. We also believe that reverence for life includes respect for personal autonomy and dignity, and for each individual’s right to make their own choices concerning the end of their life.

GAELO seeks to support and improve Advance Care Planning in Georgia. We believe that the ability to exercise autonomy and self-determination in matters related to end of life and death is a human right. The decision to exercise that right is an intensely personal choice made with respect for the sacredness of life, and with compassion for all.